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Beats Fit Pro Is Set to Launch Globally on 28th January 2022

Beats Fit Pro, Apple’s latest fitness-focused wireless earbuds, is finally set to hit the global tech market on 28th January 2022.

According to the brand, the pre-orders for Beats Fit Pro will begin from 24th January.

Beats Fit Pro Global Launch
Image Credit: Beatsbydre

Last year, these fitness earbuds were launched in the US in November and in China in December.

At that time, Apple said that an international release of Beats Fit Pro would be announced sometime in early 2022.

On Monday (10th January), Apple began to list Beats Fit Pro on their regional online stores outside the US in advance for pre-orders.

While talking about these earbuds, their key features include flexible wingtips, ANC (Active Noise Cancelation), spatial audio with dynamic head tracking (plays sounds from all directions), “Hey Siri” support, iCloud sync, audio sharing, and many more.

These earbuds are specially designed to go well with the workout. They snug into the ears with the help of silicone tips and don’t fall off because of the wingtips.

You may check out this article to get a detailed review of these earbuds.

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