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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Smart TV?

Suppose you like to watch TV late at night without disturbing your family members trying to sleep.

Or maybe you want to block out the outside noise like that annoying dog next door who won’t stop barking.

In this case, what can be the solution?

You can connect Bluetooth headphones to your TV. It will allow you to listen only by yourself.

Besides, if you have a smart TV, it will be more convenient and effortless.

A question may turn up in your mind at this moment.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to smart TV?

Don’t worry.

My today’s discussion will be all about it.

In the beginning, let’s know what a smart TV is or which makes a TV smart.

What is Smart TV?

Smart TVs are much like smartphones and smart home devices. TVs with internet connectivity, a number of apps support, and smart home functions are considered smart TV.

They use your home network to provide streaming video and other services. Smart TVs have built-in Wi-Fi to stay connected.

The newest model smart TV offers voice control and intelligent home integration.

You can also enjoy social media and video sharing sites such as youtube, Twitter, and Facebook on a smart TV.

However, not all smart TVs have a Bluetooth connection.

So, how do you check whether your smart TV has Bluetooth support or not?

Have a look here.

Does Your Smart TV Support Bluetooth Or Not?

It is easy to check whether it has Bluetooth support or not.

If this tv came with smart remote control, you would ensure that it support Bluetooth. This is not the accurate way, though.

You can be sure about it by checking the settings menu of your TV.

From the settings, you need to select “sound” and then “sound output”.

If the option “Bluetooth” appears in the list, you can be sure that your TV supports Bluetooth.

Besides, you can also read the user manual of your TV.

If it supports Bluetooth, it will be mentioned there.

So these are some ways for checking the Bluetooth connectivity of your TV.

Now come to the main point, which is how you can connect Bluetooth headphones to your smart TV.

You will find the details in the below section.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Smart TV?

To connect Bluetooth headphone to your smart tv, follow the steps mentioned here:

However, the setting process is slightly different for every model or brand. I have already shown how to connect Bluetooth headphones to LG smart TV.

But I think it will be handy enough if I also include the connecting steps for some other well-known brand.

Check it if you are interested.

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones To Different Brand Of TVs

Firstly, see the steps for Samsung TVs.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Samsung Smart TV?

You need to do the following to connect headphones to Samsung TV.

Press the Home button on your remote.

Now select Settings >> General >> External Device Manager >> Input Device Manager >> Bluetooth Device List.

  1. Your TV will start searching for Bluetooth devices that are in pairing mode.
  2. The name of your headphone will show up in the Bluetooth device list section.
  3. Select it, and a notification will appear asking you if you want to pair the two devices.
  4. Then confirm it.
  5. Now, it is done.

Your headphone must be in pairing mode to connect it with any smart TV.

Now, let’s know the steps for Philips and Toshiba smart TVs.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Philips Smart TV?

Most people have a common query regarding this TV.

Does Philips TV have Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, not all Philips TVs have Bluetooth connectivity.

So, check the manual of your TV to find out whether your model supports Bluetooth or doesn’t.

If it does, then go to All Settings on your TV and press OK.

Select Wireless and Networks >> Bluetooth >> Bluetooth Device >> OK.

Then, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Select the type of devices: headphones, subwoofer, and so on, press Next, and then OK.

It’s all done now.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Toshiba Smart TV?

Follow the steps mentioned below for Toshiba smart TV.

Press the home button of your TV and go to the Settings menu.  Then select Controllers and Bluetooth Devices>> Other Bluetooth Devices.

Now wait until your headphone appears in the Discovered Devices list.

Select it, and it is all paired up.

That’s it!

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Vizio Smart TV?

As I have said earlier that not all smart TVs have Bluetooth, a question may arise in your mind.

Does a Vizio Smart TV have Bluetooth?

Currently, VIZIO TVs only support Bluetooth LE, which is a low-energy form of Bluetooth.

To connect your Bluetooth headphone to VIZIO TV,

Take the remote of your TV and go to the Settings menu. Find Sound Output. Then select the Speaker List, search & choose your headphone to pair & connect.

You can check the user manual for more details.

You have already known that all smart TVs don’t have Bluetooth support.

So, if your TV has no Bluetooth support, how can you connect your Bluetooth headphone to it? Is it even possible?

Don’t worry. I have come up with a way for you. Just keep reading.

What Can You Do If Your TV Does Not Support Bluetooth?

If you have a Bluetooth headphone but you TV has no Bluetooth support, you can use Bluetooth transmitters, media streamers, dedicated wireless TV headphones or gaming consoles to connect it to your TV.

However, let’s know about the Bluetooth transmitter first.

Bluetooth Transmitter

It is an external electronic device that can be plugged into your TV’s audio output. It transmits the audio via Bluetooth to your headphone.

Some of the transmitters come with an audio jack, and some come with an RCA jack.

It takes the 3.5 mm or RCA output from your TV and transmits it as a Bluetooth signal.

You will need a power source, usually USB.

  1. You can tap it from the USB port on the TV or plug it into a power strip around your entertainment system.
  2. After connecting the transmitter, press the power button and hold it down for a few seconds.
  3. Then you will notice light blinking in the transmitter. That means your transmitter’s switch is on.
  4. Now, pair the transmitter with your Bluetooth headphone.
  5. Your work is done.

Now you can enjoy watching TV with the audio streaming through your headphone.

You can also use media streamers to connect your Bluetooth headphone to your TV that doesn’t have Bluetooth support.

Media Streamers

Media streamers are set-top boxes that will allow you to connect headphones and listen to TV shows in private.

These streamers provide a Bluetooth interface for your Bluetooth headphones to be connected. This is one of the hassle free ways to connect headphones to your TV.

Some well-known media streamers are Roku player or Roku Streaming Stick, Fire TV stick, Apple TV, and Android TV boxes.

Now I will let you know about the connecting system of headphones to some of these streamers.

Apple TV

Apple TV allows you to connect Bluetooth headphones.

After activating the pairing mode on your headphone,

go to Settings >> Remotes and Devices >> Bluetooth.

When the headphone will appear, select it to pair and connect.

Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

First, put your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode.

Now on the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, go to Settings >> Controllers and Bluetooth Devices >> Other Bluetooth Devices.

Wait until your headphone appears in the Discovered Devices list.

Select it to complete pairing.

Android TV Boxes

Set the pairing mode on your headphone.

Now go to Settings >> Bluetooth and select the headphones when it appears.

Now I will show you another way.

Use Dedicated Wireless TV Headphones

These headphones come with a base station. The base station acts as a transmitter and gets connected to the TV. It then transmits the audio signals to the headphones.

It is called dedicated as the base station is rarely disconnected from the TV.

The benefit of having a dedicated headphone is that you can have immediate access to a wireless audio connection to the TV.

These headphones can come with different types of wireless connections.

There are also Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared (IR) options without the familiar Bluetooth connection.

Here I have included another method of connecting Bluetooth headphones to a non-Bluetooth TV.

Via Gaming Consoles

You can plug a gaming console into your television and use it for wireless audio.

However, the Bluetooth support on the gaming consoles is not great.

For example, Xbox One doesn’t allow Bluetooth headphones. You can connect the specific Xbox Wireless headphone with it, though.

Besides, the PS4 only supports some specific Bluetooth headsets.

So, that’s all for today.


Well, you have got a vast idea about how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a smart TV. Now I hope you can enjoy watching TV without disturbing others.

Have a pleasant time by connecting Bluetooth headphones to your smart TV.

Thanks for reading this article.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, you can install Bluetooth on your smart TV.

But be sure that your TV came with a smart remote. Except for checking the remote, you can still check whether your TV is compatible with Bluetooth or not.

Yes, you can turn on a non-Bluetooth tv into a Bluetooth tv. You only need a third-party device like Bluetooth Transmitter.

Now, most of the renowned brands offer Bluetooth smart TV. Like, Samsung, Sony, LG, and Toshiba.

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