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Earbuds That Can Auto-Translate 40 Languages: No More Language Barriers!

A Ghanaian-British entrepreneur and innovator named Danny Manu, has developed wireless earbuds called Click.

This may sound like a typical headphone launching news to you. But what you are going to see next is one of the greatest inventions in today’s world!

According to the report, Click is the world’s first true wireless earphones with live voice translation that support 40 different languages!!!

And the more surprising thing is, these earbuds don’t even require an internet connection for translating.

Just after pairing with a smartphone, the earbuds can automatically detect the spoken language and translate it.

They are also capable of making calls, texts, and reading notifications from their paired devices.

You know, the language barrier has been minimized over the years through many innovative translation tools. And these Click earbuds are another revolution in this industry.

MyManu, the maker of Click, uses a unique OS to make this revolution possible. The OS can even convert text to speech or vise-versa.

We hope to see many more great inventions like this in the future.

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