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How Loud Are Open Back Headphones?

Nowadays, open-back headphones are very well-known to everyone. As a result, people are using open-back headphones for various purposes.

Since I am working at a studio, I need to use many types of headphones.

Yes! You have guessed the right!

I also have an open back headphone which I use for mixing.

A common question I frequently face about them is, how loud are open back headphones?

Well, if you are also interested in these headphones, then you are at the right place.

My today’s discussion will be all about open back headphones.

At first, let’s know what open back headphones are.

What Are Open Back Headphones?

Open-back headphones are those that are open on the outer part of each earpiece.

An open back design means the ear cup is exposed, and the speaker inside the housing is not sealed.

In this way, when the driver vibrates, it transfers audio into your ear and also out through the back of the headphone.

These headphones are ideal for the audiophile. They are well-known for producing the most detailed and authentic audio.

They don’t offer much isolation from the surrounding environment. It happens because air flows in and out when the ear cushions are placed around the ears.

You can listen to all the sounds around you. It is great if you want to have situational awareness at all times.

However, they have some downsides too.

See their pros and cons in a blink.


  • Loud and natural sound.
  • No sound isolation between the environment and the ears.
  • More breathable.
  • No ear fatigue.
  • Ears do not get hot.


  • Cannot block outside noise.
  • Sound leakage.
  • More expensive.

When you are using open back headphones, you are not the only one who hears the sound from the headphones. The reason is they leak a huge amount of sound.

Therefore, everyone around you will be affected by the sound coming from your headphones. How annoying this is!!

So, exactly how much louder are open back headphones?

How Loud Are Open Back Headphones?

You cannot deny that open back headphones have a very loud sound. Its sound is louder than any other headphones you have ever used.

It gives you a more open sound. Your music will get a place to breathe, and you will feel like the sound is coming from all around you. The sound is extremely loud, with a wider and deeper sensations.

Here I want to let you one more thing that the open back headphones are better than the closed-back headphones for loud audio qualities.

So if you want loud headphones, then look for an open back one.

I have mentioned earlier open back headphone leaks a good amount of sound due to its open design.

But do you know about sound leakage? If you don’t, then go through the below section.

What Is Sound Leakage?

Sound leakage is the phenomenon of sound escaping from your headphones to the outside.

So if you are in a public place, people can hear what you are listening with your headphones. No doubt, they will get disturbed by it.

Right now, I am going to let you the reason for their sound leakage. You must want to know about it.

Why Do Open Back Headphones Leak Sound?

Open-back headphones leak sound because some of the air vibrations break through the ear cups. As a result, they allow air to pass through their ear cups to the speaker element. Besides, the sound leakage occurs to the maximum level due to their higher volume.

But have you any idea of how much sounds open back headphones leak? Ok, don’t worry. Just look here.

How Much Sounds Do They Leak?

All kinds of open back headphones have more or less sound leakage. But the amount of sound leakage varies with brands.

It is estimated that maximum open back headphones have roughly 30-35% of the sound leakage.

When you are buying a pair of open back headphones, you have to check the amount of sound leakage.

But how will you do that?

Well, I have a way by which you can test how much sound the headphone leaks.

So, let’s go for this now.

How To Test Sound Leakage?

To detect sound leakage, get help from one of your friends. Ask your friend to wear the headphone and play any music you want.

Then, gradually increase the volume until you hear the song. That’s when the sound leak will start happening. You can easily check the sound leakage of your headphones by following this simple way.

When you are testing, try different music genres, as some might leak more than others. Play with the max volume and remember the leakage starting point.

Many people still prefer open back headphones, though sound leakage is inevitable for most of them.

Why Are Open Back Headphones So Famous?

Open back headphones are better if you want to use them for mixing in a studio like me. I comfortably use this headphone in my studio.

It is also suitable for listening at a loud volume. And you can still be concerned about your surroundings.

So, there will be a reduced chance of accidents when you are walking on a busy road.

These open back headphones are perfect for long-time use. You won’t face any ear fatigue even after a long time of wear.

Moreover, it doesn’t feel hot in your ears. Therefore, they provide great comfort.

However, they have some downsides too.

Downsides of Open Back headphones

You cannot travel or make a commute with open-back headphones. Suppose you are using this headphone while riding a subway or a bus. People have the music they prefer to listen to or have a book to read. There you must not want to be that annoying person with loud headphones.

Anyway, now try to pay attention if you are a game lover.  What do you think?

Are they suitable for gaming? Find your answer below.

Are Open Back Headphones Good For Gaming?

Closed-back headphones are the most common choice for gaming. Still, there are some advantages of open back headphones for gaming.

Open-back headphones do not confine the sound. Besides, they can give you a more realistic sound, as I mentioned earlier. The only downside is sound leakage.

Therefore, it will be convenient to play games alone in a private room.

I am going to conclude it here.


Finally, you have got to know how loud open back headphones are. It is extremely louder than closed-back or any other headphones. If you want to be aware of the surrounding noise, it will be the best.

Additionally, it will provide more natural and precise audio.

So open back is a pair of headphones, which is great for a loud sound.

Thanks For Reading This Article.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Yes. You can hear yourself with open-back headphones. Besides, you can certainly listen to a lot of sound from the outside.

Not at all. Open-back headphones do not have good bass that you can get from closed back.

Open-back headphones are better for mixing cause they do not block outside noise. The surroundings sound even ambient noise is able to interact with the sound of your mix.

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