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How To Clean Headset Ear Pads?

Since the starting of this era headphone has become an essential part of our daily life.

We are mostly concerned about the type of headphones and their sound quality. But the audio quality seems to drop within a year.

Moreover, the audio does not remain as crisp as before, which is pretty frustrating.

But what do you think about the reason behind it?

Well, there are a number of reasons. However, one of the mentionable reasons is that the headphone gets dirty with the regular use.

Among all the parts of headphones, usually, the ear pads get the dirtiest as it stays in your ears.

Therefore, you need to clean them frequently.

But do you know how to clean headset ear pads?

Today I am here to let you know about it.

It is super easy, and no heavy work is involved at any stage of the cleaning process.

How To Clean headset Earpads?

Follow the below instructions to make your ear pads long-lasting:

Wipe Them Up Regularly

Right after taking off your headphones, wipe them up using a clean and dry cloth. It is better to use a microfiber to wipe down the dust and sweat near the pads.

Clean With Soapy Water

Clean your headphone pads with soapy water once a week. For that, see the following steps:

Step 1: Separated The Earpads And Remove Dirt

At first, separate ear pads from your headphone gently. If any crumbs or hair stick in the earpads, then remove them with a lint roller.

As a primary way to get rid of anything sticking to your pads, you should roll a lint roller over the surface of the ear pads. You may need to use it multiple times, depending on how dirty they are.

You will find lint rollers in most stores that sell goods for pets.

Step 2: Soak A Clean Cloth In Soapy Water

Now fill a bowl with fresh water and mix a spoonful of laundry detergent. Mix it until suds begin to form. Then dip a paper towel or clean cloth into that foamy water and wring out any of the extra suds.

Step 3: Clean The Surface

Then clean off the surface of your ear pads with this damp cloth or paper towel. Again, you must focus on the areas that touch your ear most. Even if they do not look dirty, still wash the entire surface of the pads.

But do not scrub your earpads. Just wipe them gently.

Step 4: Loosen Any Gunk With Toothbrush

There are some patches of dirt and grime that stuck to the ear pads. Now Take a clean, soft toothbrush and clean these stubborn spots.

Continue brushing until the dirt and other gunk loosen up. Then wipe it away with this clean and foamy cloth.

Step 5: Leave The Ear pads On A Dry Towel

After cleaning, keep a paper towel or cloth on a dry and flat surface. Then leave the pads there for several hours or days to air dry completely.

Finally, after drying these earpads, you can adjust them onto the headphone

How To Clean Headset Ear Pads

Replace Headphone Pads Once Every Few Months

When the earpads start to peel off, worn out, or in bad condition, it will be best to replace them with new ear pads.

So keep an eye on the pads to see how they are holding up.  You can decide whether to purchase a new pair or not by doing so.

Before buying ear pads, make sure they fit properly with your headphone

You can follow these tips to clean the earpads of your on-ear or over-ear headphones.

Well, people use headphones from different brands or models.

So they have many questions regarding cleaning. For example,

how to clean Bose headphones?

How to clean Arctis 7 ear pads?

Or sometimes, how to clean Astro A40 ear pads or Logitech G430?

You need to clean them regularly in all these cases, following the same process that I explained.

But you must take a look at ear pads material. If your headset has velour or leather ear pads, the cleaning process will be a little different.

Generally, leather padded headphones are costly, and the leather finish is less porous and has foam that adds a layer of protection from dirt.

Therefore cleaning them from time to time will make them long-lasting.

How To Clean Leather Earpads?

Do these two things once or twice a year.


To clean your leather earpads, you need a leather conditioner. Take a soft cloth and put a little bit of the conditioner on it. Then apply directly over the ear pads. Massage the leather smoothly with it until they are clean.

Lastly, let it absorb and dry completely before using.

This process will prevent your headphone pads from catching moisture and being moldy.

Store In Cold And Non-Humid Place

Leather pads are prone to hot and humid climates. Cracking may appear if they are exposed directly to the sunlight. So, it is better to keep them in a cool place.

Anyway, now let’s know what to do in case of velour earpads.

How To Clean Velour Earpads?

To clean velour ear pads, at first, clean the pads with a lint roller. Then take water and mix a drop of detergent with it.

Finally, wash your earpads with the sudsy water using a cloth or paper towel gently.

It helps to remove the oil stored in the pads and fluff up the foam.

I am not ending the discussion on the cleaning process here. It demands further talking. Let’s see what is waiting for us.

Have you ever felt a bad smell from a headphone after prolonged use?

It generally happens in a hot and humid area. This is because the headset pads accumulate moisture and awful smell due to the growth of bacteria.

Aren’t you curious to know how to get rid of this bad smell? Then the next section is for you.

How To Remove Smell From Headphone Earpads?

You can maintain the following two things to remove odor.

Use Silica Gel Packets

Silica gel is useful for controlling the local humidity level by absorbing moisture.

So you can place them in the earcups when not in use. It will reduce the stinky problem and help to get rid of the bad smell.

Do the same thing to remove the sweat smell.

Use Rubbing Alcohol Or Hand Sanitizer

In most of the case, your headset gets smelly due to ear wax.

To clean it, remove the ear pads and take a small cloth.

First, dampen the cloth with warm soapy water. Then wipe them with it properly.

Now leave it for complete air drying.

Then moisten a small cloth with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. And smoothly wipe the ear pads. Now the bad smell is removed!

Clean Your Ears

The common issues regarding headphone loudness are due to the ear wax. When your ear canal produces more oil than needed, the ear wax can get stuck inside the ear pads.

Therefore, you always have to keep your ears clean besides cleaning the ear pads. This will also help you to keep your earpads smell-free.

The safest way to clean ear wax is using a good ear wax remover that can deliberately clean them with micro foam action.

However, sometimes this cleaning may look like a waste of time to you. If so, then I would like to inform you of the benefits of cleaning headphones to make you realize its importance.

Benefits Of Cleaning Headphones

Here are some advantages of cleaning headphones:

Save Your Money

If you take proper care of your headphone pads, it means they will remain in good shape for a longer period. So, you won’t have to waste money on them very often.

Get The Same Comfort As Before

Your headset will stay in high-quality condition when you take better care of it.

Therefore, you will get the same level of comfort from the beginning to end.

Keep Your Headphone Hygienic

Headphone pads gather sweat, dirt, and bacteria over time. If you are maintaining proper cleaning routines, it helps to prevent your headphone pads from becoming smelly, moldy, and dirty.

So your headphones will be more hygienic.

Now you have seen that there are a lot of benefits of cleaning headphone pads and you don’t even have to give much effort to do it.

That’s all for today. I am going to conclude the topic here.


I have explained everything about how to clean headset ear pads properly. I hope it will help you to take care of your headphones.

No matter what kind of headphones you have, take proper care of them.

Proper maintenance can make the headphones last as long as possible.

So regularly clean your headset ear pads and experience comfortable and joyful listening all day long.

Thanks For Reading This Article.

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