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How To Make Your Headphone Louder? 7 Easy Methods

If you love music, then a pair of headphones can be your partner of entertainment. With a good pair of headphones, you can carry on your daily enjoyment.

But it does not work great all the time.

Sometimes it can happen that suddenly your headphone volume is too low, and you cannot hear anything.

Yes! Anytime you can face this situation. That’s why you need to know how to make your headphone louder.

If you are interested, then go through this article.

You will find every possible solution to this problem here.

You must be curious to know why this happens in the first place.

Okay, then see the below section.

Why Is Your Headphone Volume Too Low?

The fact is, there are a number of reasons behind it.

However, we have already discussed those reasons in a previous article. So, check it out and have a clear idea.

Let’s get to the point now.

I am going to describe some ways right now by which you can make your headphones louder.

How To Make Your Headphones Louder?

You have to follow 7 simple ways to make your headphones sound louder.

They are:

  1. Turn on the maximum volume and adjust the settings of your device.
  2. Disable volume limitations on your device.
  3. Use headphone amplifier.
  4. Install volume boosting app.
  5. Adjust the EQ settings on your device.
  6. Clean your headphones.
  7. Purchase a better headphone.

Let’s know the details about these points one by one.

Turn On The Maximum Volume And Adjust The Playback Settings Of Your Device

Sometimes it requires to adjust the volume and modify some necessary audio settings on your device to get louder sound in your headphone.

I have already mentioned a link above. You will find all the steps of audio balancing there in the “Check The Playback Devices” section.

Whether you use iPhone, Android, MAC, or PC, I included the setting procedures for all of them.

So, you won’t face any problems.

Just simply go there and check it out.

Disable Volume Limitations On Your Device

Many devices have volume limit options to protect your hearing. When it comes to Androids, some have this tool, while others do not.

For Galaxy or any other relevant device, you have to go to the Sounds and Vibrations menu and select the Volume option.

Then adjust the Media Volume limiter.

Here, you can turn the settings off if a limit was previously set there.

For iOS devices, do the following:

  • Step 1: Go to the Settings app.
  • Step 2: Use the search bar or scroll down for Music. Click on it.
  • Step 3: Go to the volume limit. If it is on, disable it.
  • Step 4: Once disabled, slide the knob to the end for maximum volume. 

Disabling this option from your device and making the volume too loud can be dangerous to your eardrums. Therefore, proceed it at your own risk.

Use Headphone Amplifier

Just like a home speaker, a headphone can also be louder when paired with a headphone amp.

Power from the amp inside your devices might not be sufficient to draw out the maximum sound output.

If you use an external headphone amp, you will not only get louder sound but also will be surprised by the in-depth music detail, better dynamic range and improved audio clarity.

However, there is a limitation too. Not all headphones can work with amplifiers. Most amplifiers work with only high-quality headphones.

You can check the headphone impedance to be sure if it is compatible with the amplifier or not.

Headphones with a high impedance level (around 300 ohms) will require a little boost to move the drivers. But if you use a headphone with low impedance ratings like around 20-25 ohms, then an amp is not likely to contribute much.

Consider the size and dimension of the headphone when buying the amplifier. The headphones will not be portable anymore if it is too big.

I have added a list of some of the best headphone amplifiers for you:

Install Volume Boosting App

There is also an easy and simple way to make your headphone louder.  You can install the headphone volume booster app on your devices. They can be found in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

For android devices, you can use

For iOS devices, you can go for

For your Mac, you can choose

  • Boom2
  • Boom3D
  • Sound Booster

For Windows, there are:

Adjust The EQ Settings On Your Device

You can also check the EQ settings on your device itself. These settings will help to boost the volume.

Most of the time, the manufacturer keeps these settings in optimized condition.

On iOS devices, there is a list of different EQ settings that vary with the environment or genre.

For example, In a louder environment, the Late-Night settings give a significant boost to the sound. 

Androids also have EQ settings. For these smartphones, the Sounds and Vibration menu under Advanced Sound settings features these EQ controls.

Android provides treble, bass, vocal, and instrumental sound settings to be more precise with your standard.

So, play around with the EQ settings till it suits your desired listening preferences.

Clean Your Headphones

When you use a headphone for a long period, it can get dirty over time.

Dirt, oil, and wax are accumulated on it, which are responsible for the crappy and low-quality sound.

Therefore, it’s very important to clean your headphones to get a louder sound.

But do you know the proper way of cleaning them?

Don’t  worry. I am going to give some tips to clean your headphones.

Cleaning Headphones

To clean your headphone, first, remove the earpads. Take a small cloth damped with soapy water.

Then wipe down the outer part of the rest of the headphones.

Finally, use a paper towel to dry off the headphones and leave them for air drying.

To clean the earpads, you can check one of my previous articles about how to clean headset earpads? You will find every detail about it there.

Finally, after cleaning and drying those earpads completely, reinstall them on the headphones.

Cleaning Earbuds And Ear Tips

If you want loud Bluetooth earbuds, you need to clean the earbuds by following these steps.

  1. Start cleaning by holding the buds with the mesh upside down.
  2. Now take a soft toothbrush and gently remove anything that is clogging up the surface of the grid.
  3. Then gently tap the earbuds on a solid surface to eliminate extra, loose debris.
  4. If your earbuds have silicon tips on the ends, take them off and soak them in soapy water for about five minutes.
  5. Then give them a good tech wipes cleaning before placing them on the earpieces.

You have tried all the methods mentioned above.

But unfortunately, each of them just went in vain! Then the following option is for you.

Purchase A Better Headphone

I think it is time to get yourself a new pair of headphones. As you want headphones with a louder sound, try to purchase those headphones that can meet this specific need.

There are plenty of headphones with louder sounds available in the market.

I can suggest some of the best louder-sounding headphones to you.

They are:

No more today. I am going to end the discussion here.


Finally, you have got to know how to make your headphone louder. By following these different methods, you can boost the sound of your headphones.

Therefore, I hope this write-up will help you a lot to fix this problem successfully.

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