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How To Wear Headphones With Glasses?

“Oil and water don’t mix.” You might have heard this proverb.

If you are a glass user and when it comes to wearing a headphone with glasses, this proverb matches so well with your situation. Am I right?

The most bespectacled people complain about headphone pain or headache while wearing them.

But what to do if your profession requires wearing headphones.

Maybe you are a professional gamer, DJ, or hardcore music lover!

Then to solve this problem, you must need to know how to wear headphones with glasses comfortably.

Don’t worry. My today’s discussion will be all about this problem.

Therefore, go through this article and get the perfect solution to this.

Maybe you are enduring this pain on a regular basis but cannot find any solution.

Just jump to the below section.

9 Tips To Wear Headphones With Glasses Comfortably

Right now, I am going to mention some important tips to ease your discomfort.

Let’s see what is waiting for us!!

1. Wear Glasses With Thin Frames

If you wear spectacles with thinner frames or arms, it gives you more comfort. Glasses with thin frames offer a smaller surface area than the thicker ones, which in turn can reduce the pressure felt on the temporal bone and ear cartilage.

However, this is applicable for those who are planning to buy new glasses.

If you are unwilling to buy a new one, then you can see the other options mentioned here.

2. Stretch Out The Headphones

It is not easy to find headphones that are specially designed for wearing with sunglasses/spectacles.

But you can do a few things to make your headphone comfortable.

One of them is stretching the headphone out to reduce the clamping force.


Get some books to stretch them out. Then gradually keep those books in the middle of your headphone.

Place the books until they reach the approximate shape of your head.

Then leave them for 1 or 2 days.

It will loosen the clamping force, and you will get more comfort.

Do it very carefully. Don’t overstretch them to the extent where it has a chance to break.

3. Set Your Headphones To A More Comfortable Position

If the above solutions don’t work for you, you can consider changing the position of your headphone.

Do it by moving them forwards or upwards little by little.

Ensure that the ear cushions do not rest on top of the ears.

Do it until you find the most comfortable fit.

This is easier to do with headphones that have large earpieces.

4. Place A Piece Of Tissue Between the Frames And Head

Your glasses temples might dig into your head when wearing headphones.

You can try an unconventional way in this situation.

Firstly wear your headphones with the glasses. Then take two pieces of tissue and fold them to the smallest size.

Insert each tissue between the temple and your head.

It allows you to wear headsets for as long as you want without feeling hurt.

5. Lift The Temples of The Glasses

If you are not bothered with your appearance, and this doesn’t affect your eyesight, lift the temples of the glasses above the headphones.

So, the order should be first your ears, then the over-ear headphones, and then your glasses.

Note: Adjusting the pantoscopic tilt of your glasses a lot can cause abnormalities in your vision.

6. Select A Headset With Thicker Ear Padding

When it comes to the padding of ear cups, always keep in mind that the thicker the better!!

If the padding is thin or the material is not ideal for you, there will be less cushioning to buffer the clamping force.

Besides, the pressure exerted on your ear cartilage and temporal bone will be more intense.

Therefore, select headsets with thick padding.

I personally prefer ear cushions made from foam, especially memory foam, as they can remember your ear’s shape, thus ensuring a good fit every time you wear it.

Headphones with memory foam earpads are the best for glasses.

7. Use Over-Ear Headphones

We all know more or less that over-ear headphone tends to be more comfortable compared to the on-ears, especially for glass users.

It is due to the fact that the ear paddings of the over-ear headphones encircle the circumference of the ear instead of pressing against them. Thus, the pressure exerted onto the temporal bone and ear cartilage is reduced.

However, over-ear headphones are heavier than the on-ears.

So, the clamping force is much stronger than the former.

8. Choose Suitable Headphones For Glass Users

Select a headphone that will be compatible with glasses. You can find plenty of these types of headphones in the market.

But would you like to get some suggestions?

OK, don’t worry. Check out the following list:

Best Headphones For Glass Wearers

Moreover, there are many gaming headsets that offer some specific features.

They are specially made for easy wearing with glasses.

You should take full advantage of it if you’re a gamer.

Those headsets are not that affordable, but they are worth every penny. I can recommend some if you want.

9. Try Using Different Glasses

Not only headphones, sometimes the glasses can be responsible for your pain too. So try to use different glasses that are compatible with headsets.

You can even try vintage-style glasses that do not need any frames to work.

Also, ask your eye specialist to recommend a structure that will work well with headphones.

If all the methods that I mentioned here go in vain for you and you are disappointed, then the following section is for you.

Some Unconventional Solution

I have come up with some unorthodox solutions for wearing headphones with glasses comfortably. See them at once.

Cut The Ear Cushion Where The Glasses Sit

Cutting the ear cushion is also an easy way to prevent pain when wearing sunglasses/spectacles with headphones.

You can try to cut a line through the ear paddings where the frame of glasses sits. It will reduce the force against your glasses if done properly.

Warning: Do not try unless your ear cups are replaceable.

Wear Pince Nez Glasses

The Pince Nez is an iconic pair of glasses that don’t have any temples. They can sit on your nose without the help of temples.

Therefore, there will be no hassle of interfering with the headphones.

Purchase a Virtual Reality Frames

Why not leave the glasses frames behind?

You will no longer feel any pressure while wearing headphones with a pair of VR Frames.

These aesthetic VR frames can be a viable option to enjoy extra comfort.

Besides, they are also lightweight and easy to use.

Well, I think among all these methods, one must be well suited to you.

But unfortunately, if you can’t find any solution by applying these methods (it is rare, though), use contact lenses as the last option.

As you face this problem for a long time, you must know what types of discomfort are caused by wearing headphones and glasses together for a prolonged period.

But, if you aren’t aware of this problem and are just reading this article to gather knowledge, now I will tell you about the types of discomfort you may face.

Types Of Discomfort While Wearing Headphones And Glasses Simultaneously

You may experience the following problems in this situation:


When the headphone is not fitted perfectly, they will put a lot of pressure on the temporal bone of the skull, causing a headache.

This is quite a common headphone pain for wearing glasses.

The longer you wear headphones, the more the pain tends to increase.

Sore Ear Cartilage Or Auricular Chondritis

Auricular Chondritis can be caused by the pressure from the extended wearing of the two items together.

It is a condition where the ear cartilage is inflamed.

Besides, it causes the ear to swell, turn red, and feel pain.

So, these are two types of discomfort.

But what do you think about the reasons behind it?

Are you getting curious?

OK, let’s find out the reasons right now.

Why Does Wearing Headphones With Glasses Hurt?

Though there can be a number of reasons for this discomfort, I am going to mention the mains reasons here.

  • Inappropriate Clamping Force.
  • Design And The Materials Of The Glasses.
  • Thickness And Materials Of Earcup Padding.
  • Type Of The Headphones.

So, these are the probable reasons for discomfort while wearing headphones with glasses.

Well, that’s all for today. I am ending it here.


Finally, you have known how to wear headphones with glasses.

Since spectacles and headphones don’t go well together, you can try these methods to prevent discomfort.

I hope this write-up will help you a lot to find a better solution.

Now enjoy wearing headphones with glasses and immerse yourself in the world of music or gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The wrong fit of your headphone can damage the glasses—moreover, the material of the earpads matters. Headphones with synthetic or leather ear pads leave gaps around your glasses.

Therefore, use the headphones with these kinds of earpads material to avoid damage.

You can do a number of things like wearing glasses with thinner frames, adjusting your headband to be looser, repositioning it to a comfortable state, placing tissue between the frames and head, lifting up the temples of the glasses, selecting a thick padded headphone, etc.

Yes, you can wear headphones in public to look fashionable and stylish. Nobody has the right to stop you.

However, using bulky headphones will make you look weird.

Also, if you are supposed to be social enough, wearing headphone will make you rude.

Moreover, you may face accidents while wearing headphone in public places like roads, subway stations, etc.

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