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Shure’s SRH440 & SRH840 Headphones Are Upgraded with A New Look And Improved Sound

Shure has unveiled new enhancements to its SRH headphones portfolio with the 2nd generation of its SRH440A and SRH840A headphones.

The latest models have long-wearing comfort, improved audio, and signature durability. The enhanced design makes them ideal for critical listening and studio monitoring, including lower harmonic distortion and more accurate left-right driver matching.

SRH440A and SRH840A are now available
Image Credit: shure

The SRH840A headphones feature precisely customized 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers, delivering rich bass, extended highs, and a clear mid-range.

For providing the ultimate listening experience for longer sessions, the headband has enough padding and a collapsible design.

Shure's SRH440 & SRH840 Headphones Are Upgraded
Image Credit: shure

On the other hand, SRH440A offers detailed frequency response and precise audio, making it appropriate for home recording, podcasting, critical editing, and mixing.

Both SRH440A and SRH840A come with a closed-back circumaural design that rests comfortably over the ears and decreases background noises.

Shure’s SRH440 & SRH840 Headphones Have Gained A New Look
Image Credit: shure

Shortly, these headphones are an ideal option for both professionals and audio enthusiasts.

The SRH440A and SRH840A are now available to purchase on Shure’s official site and Amazon.

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