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How to Use Lightning Headphones on Laptop, PC, & Android?

Apple has introduced the eight-pin Lightning connector to replace the old 30 pin dock connector. This new version of the connector is more compact than the previous ones.

We all get excited with every update that Apple comes with.

But, there is a question that comes to our mind as soon as something new gets introduced.

Can you guess it?

For me, I always think, will the new version work with other devices?

If I can’t use my latest headphones with other gadgets, I don’t think I can utilize them in the best possible way.

Apple products are not always compatible with other non-apple devices.

You can’t even connect lightning headphones with old Apple products because of the upgraded eight-pin connector.

In September 2012, Apple introduced the lightning port.

Then, what to do? You don’t need to worry as I have the solution.

You can use these headphones on your laptop, PC with an adapter!

Yes, you heard it right.

First, I will let you know how to use them on a laptop.

How to Connect Lightning Headphones on Laptop?

An adapter is an extra piece of hardware that works as a bridge between your laptop and headphone.

The adapter should have two main features to connect them with the lightning headphones to your laptop. They are:

  • Lightning side has to be female (for inserting headphones).
  • The USB Side has to be male ( this side will go into your laptop).

While choosing an adapter, you need to check the ports of your laptop. Usually, there are two types of ports:

  1. USB A
  2. USB C

And, of course, make sure that your laptop USB port can output audio through this port.

Now, I will describe how to plug them into the USB port.

1. Using USB-A Adapter

USB A is the most common port used in different devices.

First, you need to check if your laptop has this type of port.

Be careful when you buy them as there are many adapters in the shop suited for charging and data transfer, not for audio transmission.

After getting them, follow the below steps:

  •  Connect the lightning headphone’s 8 mm connector to the female side of the adapter.
  • Then put the male side of the adapter to your laptop’s USB port.

Finding an adapter with a USB-A end is more challenging than USB-C.

What will you do if you can’t find the USB-A adapter?

There is a solution that may work for you. Try to get a USB-C adapter and then connect the USB-C(female) to USB-A(male) adapter. It will be able to connect to your laptop.

2. Using USB-C Adapter

All the devices of Apple were made before the lightning connector used to have a USB-C port.

Nowadays, some windows hardware also has this port. USB-C adapters are available in online or offline tech shops. You can easily find them.

And don’t forget to check if your laptop has a USB-C port before you get an adapter.

Besides Apple, some models of Lenovo, Dell come with a USB C port.

Have a note that these adapters only work with laptops that run Windows 10 or any above version.

After getting a USB-C adapter, you can follow the same procedure that I described in my previous point to connect them.

Now you may be wondering, how can I use my Apple lightning headphones with a regular headphone jack? Right?

Don’t worry! I have a solution for you too.

3. Use Two Adapters!

You need two adapters to connect the lightning earphone to a 3.5mm audio jack.

One adapter transforms from lightning to male USB and the other for female USB to 3.5mm Audio jack.

Many people think that the 3.5mm audio jack adapter will work with these headphones.

But is it true?

No, It won’t work!

I will explain why it will not work.

When you connect the lightning to the 3.5mm audio jack into your laptop, it will transmit the data in the wrong direction.

Till now, I gave the solution for laptop users.

Then what about the PC?

Move to the next part if you are a PC user.

How to Use Lightning Headphone on PC

For PC users, all the above solutions that I gave are compatible.

Yet, I have another option for you.

Can you guess it?

Okay, you don’t need to put pressure on your precious brain.

Keep it cool as a stressed brain leads to hair fall!

Anyway, an Aux cable is another solution for connecting the lightning headphone to your PC.

Aux Cable

Start with getting a cable and power port headphone adapter.

The adapter will change the power port to the export, and you can connect the Aux cable to the PC.

One of my friends recently bought an iPhone X, which comes with lightning earphones.

He also owns a Macbook Pro. He didn’t want to carry two earphones for his iPhone and Macbook.

So, he wanted to know how to use lightning headphones on a Macbook pro?

Did he succeed?

Want to know if he was able to connect it with his Macbook?

Let’s find it out in our next segment.

Connect Lightning Earphones to Macbook Pro: Is it Possible?

Apple Came up with the Macbook pro in 2017. It has three USB C ports and an old type of headphone jack.

But the lightning headphone has no way to plug into it.

What to do?

Many people who face this issue tried to find a way to use the earphone with their Macbook.

Luckily, USB C to Lightning Audio Adapter came for the rescue.

USB-C to Lightning Audio Adapter

You can plug your headphone by below steps:

  • Plug your lightning headphones into the female lightning port of the adapter.
  •  And then a male USB C port to the other side that you can plug into your Macbook USB C port.

I have seen many people using both iPhones and Android. What about them?

Will the lightning headphone work with Android?

I know you are curious to know this also.

Then, without wasting your time, move to the next point.

For Android User: Can You Connect Lightning Headphones?

Android has a 3.5mm female port for connecting headphones. Unfortunately, You can’t plug the headphone directly into your Android phone.

Frustrating! Right?


Still, I have a solution for you.

Do you have a pair of earphones that have the jack which works with Android?

Then do as I said below:

  • Cut the audio jack from your Android phone.
  • Also, cut your lightning headphone’s audio jack.
  • Now attach the cable of the android jack into the lightning wire.
  • Secure the area with a piece of tape.

Well, it seems like you won’t be able to use the headphone with your iPhone anymore after doing this.

That’s why I don’t want to encourage you to do it.

Yet, you can follow this process if you don’t need to use the headphone with any other device besides a 3.5mm port to connect.

It’s all up to you to decide whether to do it or not.


In this article, I let you know how to use lightning headphones on laptops, PCs, MacBooks, and Android?

And, I hope you can finally connect them with your desired device and enjoy your listening.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If your iPad has a lightning connector and supports ios 10 or later, then you can use lightning headphones on it.

Yes, you can use lightning headphones on iPad Air 2 as it supports ios 10, which is required to connect them.

The wire lengths of iPhone headphones are 55 inches (139cm). 

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