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Wired Headphones Are Becoming Popular Among Gen Z, Why!!

In recent years, wireless headphones have become famous for easy convenience.

However, suddenly many young generation people switched to wired style!!

Yes, that’s right.

These retro accessories are returning into fashion, thanks to celebrities like Bella Hadid & Lily-Rose Depp.

Many people had stopped using wired headphones since 2016, when Apple introduced their wireless Airpods.

Now, some people may start to dig into their drawers, searching for their old headphones.

This trend is getting much attention because Zoe Kravitz and Lily-Rose Depp were recently photographed on the New York City streets wearing their wired headphones.

It has become so popular to the point that an Instagram account named Wired IT Girls was launched in October, where you will find many pictures of celebrities wearing wired earphones.

The creator of this account, Shelby Hull, posts about various things regarding headsets.

You will find recent photographs of Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lawrence, Hoyeon Jung, and a black and white picture of Janet Jackson, all with a wire dangling from their headsets.

It seems like the true aesthetic of listening to music is expressed through wired earphones, just like it was in 2010.

Now that the 2010 culture is reviving, it makes sense that wired earphones will be a part of the new fashion that TikToker @thedigifairy explained in her one video.

It is an analysis that numerous internet users appear to agree with the video gaining more than 2.3 million views before it was removed from social media on November 23.

Wireless Earbuds, Are They Not Look Cool Anymore?

The fondness for wired headsets among big influencers isn’t exactly new.

Liana Satenstein, an American journalist, noted Bella Hadid’s affection towards these accessories back in 2019.

Whatever the reason behind this, Bella’s choice for flaunting these classic cords feels luxurious.

However, this fashion didn’t catch much attention at that time, and now three years later, it has become a must-have item.

On Twitter, some members of Generation Z state to ditch their earbuds for the vintage ancestor (wired) to look like their favorite celebs, such as Lily-Rose Depp.

They also think of it as a cool item to wear.

Anyway, I think preferences vary from person to person, and if the trend of using wired earphones gets even more widespread, then why not!

Both types of earphones have their own charm, and everyone is free to choose their fashion items.

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